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Social Media & SEO

We know it's important to have the right image and content, so why not let everyone see it and share it with the world.

What is SEO and why is it so important?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation includes the methods involved for managing and influencing the unpaid visibility of a website on Google.

At Fishtank Creative we use what are known as ‘White Hat’ techniques, that benefit your site both in the short and long term as opposed to many fly-by-night businesses who offer short term results by exploiting Google’s loopholes which will punish you when they’re closed off.

We will research your competitors and your industry to find opportunities to target new business and relevant users whilst ensuring copy is interesting, relevant and SEO friendly. For more information on the roots of SEO and how Google sees your website (in a very fun way), read our article: A Brief History of SEO.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords is the industry standard for search advertising and increasing paid visbility on Google search. This proves very effective in driving long term and short term targeted traffic - on your terms. With AdWords we research keyword opportunities to create a completely bespoke AdWords that we manage to ensure you’re getting the results.

Case Study: Impress Paving

Our most recent success has been with Impress Paving, a yorkshire-based driveway and paving company. Through both SEO and a continued Google Adwords campaign, we have increased traffic by 524%+ and users by 369%+ year-to-date. We also reduced the bounce rate (number of people who click-off after just one page) by 27.05%.

Mark, director of Impress Paving has seen around 50% of his new business come directly from Google and his website and has now had to take on new staff due to the increase in work! We like to keep our clients busy.

Social Media Management

It’s fair to say that social media has become the new and most popular medium to advertise your business. However, so many businesses and get it wrong with the keyword being ‘social’. Creating lasting relationships and interactions with relevant social media users is key both in bringing in new business and improving the reputation of the brand.

Our team has a highly successful history in social media with experts in the field who can create bespoke social media campaigns to celebrate your business through short term campaigns and long term management.

Case Study: Chicopee Solutions

One of the world’s leading manufacturers of cleaning cloths and materials, Chicopee’s European social media account was only in its infancy. By creating a campaign for the launch of their new product, we reached almost half a million twitter users and increased the following from just over 300 to now 1,100. We reached out to key bloggers in the industry, ran a giveaway and worked with them to create fantastic social media content and reach out to a larger audience.

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